At Pharos Innovations, we are continually seeking highly talented and hardworking individuals who have a passion for developing their careers. We offer a creative, collaborative, diverse and challenging environment with a team committed to professional development and to our mission of transforming healthcare.

If you are a motivated, customer-centric self-starter and want to be a part of our exciting team and growing company, you’re looking in the right place! Pharos Innovations has a variety of full-time, seasonal and internship/trainee opportunities for people who enjoy challenges and thrive on cutting their own path.

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Pharos Innovations is an equal opportunity employer that welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace. We appreciate your desire to be a part of our team. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Data Analyst
  • Manager, Engagement Services
  • Engagement Specialists

Manager, Engagement Services

The Manager, Engagement Services is responsible for the Program participant (Patients or members) Engagement and Enrollment functions of Pharos Innovations. This includes management of the Engagement Specialists, planning and managing shift workflow and coaching in engagement skills and methods to improve performance. The manager has overall accountability for the achievement of enrollment targets throughout each client campaign. The manager will be responsible for process improvement to optimize program work flow to achieve client targets. The manager leads, hires, trains, manages and retains a flexible pool of patient engagement personnel to meet the strategic and tactical goals of the business and the client base it serves.

Reporting directly to the Vice President, Client Services, this position will interact closely with other Engagement Specialists. This position will also interact with other Pharos staff including the Vice President of Clinical Services and Office Manager/HR Coordinator.

Position will interact with active program participants (called patients or members) or those identified as potential participants; with caretakers of, or health decision makers for, potential program participants; and with clients’ care management team or identified contacts to support patient/member engagement activities.

Position Education/Experience Requirements

Minimum Experience Level:

  • Call center experience in progressive positions with advancing leadership and management responsibilities
  • Experience in managing staffing models related to call center management

Minimum Education Level:

Baccalaureate degree

Desirable Level of Experience:

5 years experience in the area of health and wellness promotion with focus on enrollment and member engagement, call center management, staff training and development, and operational/budgetary management

Essential Skills/Proficiencies

  • Call Center Management
  • Strong organizational, problem-solving, and prioritization skills
  • Experience in call center management and performance/quality improvement
  • Demonstrated ability to drive training and development initiatives
  • Expertise in behavioral intervention techniques
  • Strong presentation, written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio)

Principal Accountabilities

  • Implement patient engagement methods and processes to meet client outcomes and organizational performance guarantees.
  • Evaluate and redesign Engagement Services staffing model(s) to meet the demands of the business and the market segments it serves (Provider, Health Plan, Payor, Government)
  • Develops and provides Engagement Dashboard to key internal stakeholders for visibility to volume, quality and queue management across book of business.
  • Drive improvement in patient engagement methods and processes by utilizing trended data and information, and to identify opportunities for quality and process improvement.
  • Recruit, train, manage and retain top grade Patient Engagement Consultants that meet or exceed internal productivity measures.
  • Assure that all confidentiality and HIPAA requirements are met.
  • Directly responsible for workload balancing, utilizing expansion capabilities (per diem, outsourced vendor) to ensure that expected enrollment targets are met.
  • Coaches Patient Engagement Consultants to improve efficiency and effectiveness of engagement and retention activities.
  • Actively participates in engagement and retention product development efforts.
  • With support from key internal stakeholders, owns the design of data collection methods, analysis, action plan development, evaluation and reporting on “Best Demonstrated Practices” in enrollment and engagement.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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Engagement Specialist

The Engagement Specialist will interact with active program participants (called patients or members) or those identified as potential program participants; with the caretakers of, or health decision makers for, potential program participants; and with clients’ care management team or identified contacts to support patient/member engagement activities.

Position Education/Experience Requirements


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 1-2 years of successful sales, telemarketing or healthcare program enrollment experience in an outbound telephonic call center
  • Computer literacy and competency
  • English language fluency with clear telephonic articulation skills
  • Demonstrated positive, upbeat, sales-oriented communication style
  • Familiarity with healthcare terminology
  • Familiarity with navigating the Internet
  • Ability to provide flexible hours in response to Pharos’ client needs
  • If home-based, demonstrated provision of a HIPAA-compliant environment that is also free of noises and other distractions during work hours


  • Bachelor’s degree of 2-3 years experience in healthcare or human services work, dealing directly with the encouragement and education of patients/clients
  • Familiarity with chronic disease states: CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Asthma, others
  • Spanish language fluency

Job Responsibilities Include

  • Introducing the patient to the concept of healthcare self-management
  • Identifying and addressing patient barriers to program participation or compliance
  • Engaging patients in the use of the Tel-Assurance program
  • Documenting all patient interactions in the appropriate Tel-Assurance database
  • Interacting appropriately and following given instructions of supervisor
  • Performing work responsibilities on a timely basis and as assigned
  • Being aware of and conforming to HIPAA-compliant standards at all times
  • Other duties as assigned

Position reports directly to the Vice President, Engagement & Quality. This position will interact with other Pharos staff including the Engagement Supervisor, VP of Account Management and Office Manager/HR Coordinator.

Send resume to Sue Brown, Vice President, Engagement & Quality: