Vision and Mission

Our Vision

At Pharos Innovations, our vision is to transform healthcare by putting patients at the center, recognizing that they are people, eager to be engaged in their care — not problems to be managed.

Our Mission

To accomplish this, we deliver value in healthcare by reducing avoidable admissions through the creation and support of efficient, effective patient-centered care models built upon enhanced communications between individuals and their care teams.

Our technology-enabled solutions help healthcare providers and payers take a more proactive approach to their patients’ care, keeping patients healthier and reducing inpatient utilization.

Our Values

At Pharos, we hold true to our core values:

Building long-term, lasting collaborative relationships with our clients, patients, team and stakeholders.

Innovating and disrupting the status quo, pushing the entire healthcare industry to think differently.

Leveraging our expertise and sharing thought-leadership that has the power to change healthcare for the better.

Demonstrating proven results in patient outcomes that translate to increased savings, revenue, and ROI for stakeholders and shareholders alike.

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