Accountable Care Organizations

Pay-for-performance (also known as value-based payment) is shaking up healthcare. As an ACO, you’ve got to drive down admissions and readmissions or risk losing Medicare bonuses. Your success depends on population management. You need to:

  • Develop impactful health interventions across your population
  • Target those health interventions against the right sub-populations and care settings
  • Leverage tools to ensure your health interventions are both scalable and efficient

But it’s not easy being a pioneer. Even the sturdiest ACOs need a guide – someone who knows the territory – someone who not only knows the possibilities, but has helped drive the results.

For more than a decade, Pharos Innovations has been that guide, pushing the boundaries of population management forward by engaging patients in their own care.

We know the journey you are on. We’ve mapped the path from ACO creation to targeted interventions. We know where the roadblocks and detours are. And we can help you deliver value based care while managing and engaging your population with Tel-Assurance®, our simple, powerful, device-free solution.

So where are you on the path? Partner with us and we’ll show you how you can win with value-based contracts.


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