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Patient engagement is better for patients and health plans.

You’ve heard that it “takes a village” to raise a child. At Pharos Innovations, we think it takes a village to keep a patient healthy, too. Health plans, partnered with doctors and patients, have the power to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, increasing revenues and earning loyalty and satisfaction.

The key is patient engagement.

When patient engagement becomes the center of the care continuum, good things happen.

  • Gaps in care are quickly identified and closed.
  • Healthcare teams intervene before patients deteriorate.
  • Hospital readmission rates drop.
  • Education and self-care improves.

We make it simple for health plans to leverage the power of patient engagement. When you partner with us, we will:

  • Identify your plan participants who are most at-risk (such as those with chronic conditions)
  • Enroll them in our program at no cost to them
  • Engage them with education and intervene with patients who trigger alerts from their daily health survey

Let’s work together to keep your patients (and your bottom line) healthier. Contact us and learn how we are reducing healthcare costs and hospital readmission rates for payers like you.


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Humana partners with Pharos Innovations to help a diabetic population.


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