Drive high hospital readmission rates down.

Hospitals have an ongoing problem. Patients are being discharged and readmitted at alarming rates. And the readmission penalties, not to mention the public black eye, are dragging many institutions down.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Nearly 2 million (or 1 out of 5!) Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted within 30 days of their release each year.
  • Medicare spends $17.5 billion in additional hospital costs due to readmissions.
  • The national average readmission rate has been hovering at about 19% for years.
  • Two-thirds of all hospitals (that’s more than 2,200!) are being penalized for unacceptably high readmission rates.

With Medicare revenue and patient health on the line, you can’t afford to continue this way.

But it gets worse.

Readmissions have little to do with what happens in the hospital.

Only 25% of readmissions can be directly correlated with what happens during hospital discharge. This has as much if not more to do with patient and outpatient follow-up.
Christopher Shearer, MD, Chief Medical Officer
John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital; Health Leaders September 2012

That’s right. Even if you’re doing a superior job of caring for your patients in the hospital, it’s what happens AFTER they leave that determines if, and when, you’ll see them again.

Patient Engagement – a proven solution

For more than a decade, Pharos Innovations has been at the forefront of helping hospitals cut down high readmission rates. Our patient engagement programs focus on care transitions…and like the lighthouse we are named for, we are a beacon for hospitals seeking safe harbor.

Are you ready to reduce avoidable admissions and readmissions? Let’s partner together. We can help you drive down your 30-day readmission rate and avoid costly readmission penalties.


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